Zend’s Apigility, an Open Source API Builder for Developing Quality APIs

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Zend has eased the process of API Development with the launch of Agility!

Zend has eased the process of API Development with the launch of Apigility!

Zend has launched an agile, cross-platform, and open source API builder, Apigility, to simplify the process of developing and maintaining well-structured Application Programming Interfaces or APIs that can be used for sharing functionality and data across various applications. This API builder joins Zend’s renowned Mobile and Web Application Development tools, Zend Studio and the Zend Framework. It eliminates the challenges which were previously faced while designing APIs and also simplifies support for advanced API traits like:

Validation: Apigility provides tools to ensure that only valid data comes into an API. If the data isn’t valid, Apigility will send a single response, reporting all errors in a predictable format.

Versioning: Apigility supports different versions of the same API and allows developers to manage all different versions of the API from a single place.

Content Negotiation: Apigility automatically verifies that whether or not each client is getting a proper view of an application and whether the submitted content type of the data is acceptable or not. If not, Apigility will send back a response showing that the API is failing to provide a representation and understand the data.

Error Handling: When there is a server-side error, Apigility reports the involved response and the type of the problem faced by the end-user. This reporting enables developers and programmers to analyse and solve the problem.

Apigility automates some part of the API development process and enables developers to make changes during the development process. Although it is developed using Zend Framework 2, Apigility can also be used to implement APIs for a PHP based application. However, to run Apigility for a PHP application, you’ll need PHP 5.3.23 or more and PHP 5.4.8 or more for serving the admin user interface.

By separating presentation logic from data, Apigility not only supports multiple client form factors but it also future-proofs an app and allows to make changes at the back-end without breaking the UI.  It comprises over a dozen Zend Framework 2 modules, each of which does a specific task in the workflow. It allows to mix and match the modules in a new ZF 2 application or an existing ZF 2 application.

Other features of Apigility include:

API Creation using REST and RPC Services

Apigility enables the developers to create APIs with the help of REST (Representational State Transfer) and RPC (Remote Procedure Call) services and provide an entire range of application framework development services.

Authentication of APIs

Apigility from Zend also helps in addition of authorization and authentication to the APIs, enabling allocation of credentials to certain users only.

Documentation of APIs

Developers can also document their APIs and provide a reference to the end-users.

Easy Modification

Apigility provides a web-based admin UI to assist in quick modification in the APIs.

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