Why to Use Zend Framework?

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Why to Use Zend Framework? The Top 10 Reasons

Why to Use Zend Framework? The Top 10 Reasons

Are you being puzzled by the plethora of PHP frameworks present out there? In this blog, you will find out why Zend Framework Development is one of the best way to go with.

  1. Extend Classes, Seamlessly
    As Zend is completely object-oriented, it uses many OO (object-oriented) concepts like interfaces and inheritances, making most of the components extendable. Through this extensibility feature of the Zend Framework (ZF), the developers can easily implement their own variations of individual components without hacking into ZF’s codebase. This will result in a web application or a website, in line with your business needs.
  2. Modules and Plugins Guiding Your Project
    ZF’s modular architecture allows you to follow a logical approach for your web application or website development project. Besides the modules, the framework also has FrontController plugins, class naming options, the option to base the coding on PEAR standard, and many other such options which would guide your development approach swiftly.
  3. Sometimes, Only the Components are enough
    In case your project is a large-scale one, your Zend Framework developers will need to use the Zend MVC components. In any other case, as ZF is decoupled, loading the components will be enough to achieve what you need.
  4. Plethora of Components that Spoil You for Choice of Functionality
    With the Zend Framework, you can have as much functionality as you like due to its plethora of components. Whether you need to authenticate a user, need to create some forms, want to read an RSS feed, or limit the access to your resources, you can have it all.
  5. Encouragement to Build Tests
    The Zend Framework makes use of the PHPUnit, encouraging the development of building tests and writing codes, simultaneously. This will ensure of a bug-free code and a crash-proof application or a website.
  6. Integrate With Any Other Libraries You Want
    The decoupled nature of Zend Framework empowers business owners like you to extend the functionality of your web application or website to the optimum by integrating other libraries. You can easily use Smarty templating system for your Zend Framework based application or website through ZF’s decoupled nature.
  7. Guidelines Assuring High-quality Code
    When going for Zend Framework development, one can assure themselves of an application or a website with high-quality code. The reason behind this is the extensive Contributor Guide with strict guidelines which must be adhered to while developing a ZF website or application. Hence, you should hire Zend framework developers who are experienced in the process of Zend Framework Development and are well-versed with the guidelines stated in the Contributor Guide.
  8. Incessant Community Support and Documentation
    The incessant community support is the strongest reason why one should opt for Zend Application Framework Development. In case your hired or in-house Zend Framework Developer(s) face(s) any problem during the development process due to Zend’s multiple components and completely object-oriented approach, they can look up to the community for expert assistance. Other than that, the developers can also refer to the Zend Framework Programmer’s Reference Guide or the plethora of blogs on the web written by expert ZF developers.

    Zend has also created a dedicated site called the “Zend Developer Zone” which features tutorials, webinars, podcasts, and articles to assist the developers. In addition to these, there are many other official and unofficial forums through which your developers can solve their problems.

  9. Resolve bugs quickly, if any
    The JIRA bug manager enables ZF developers to check the application or website for bugs, post-development or during the development process. It will track the bug, if any and help your developers in resolving it quickly.
  10. Lesser Codes, Faster Development
    While developing a Zend Framework Application or a Website, your developers will not have to write extensive codes, leading to faster and timely completion of your project.