Tips to Garner More eCommerce Sales in September 2014

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Tips to Garner More eCommerce Sales in September 2014!

Tips to Garner More eCommerce Sales in September 2014!

Other than having engaging designs, easy navigation, and other must-have functionalities of an eCommerce store necessary to grab visitors’ attention, here are some ideas which can help you attract more customers and garner more sales during the month of September 2014.

Engage Visitors through Videos or Animation

Compel visitors to travel from the landing page to the checkout page by showing an animation, video, or a slider on the homepage itself.  You can either explain something or showcase an animation of the brands you deal in. But ensure that the video, animation, or the slider is cross-device and browser compatible.

Get the Lookbook Integrated

Displaying a Lookbook of your most attractive products or bestsellers make for a good strategy to appeal the visitors and encourages them to make a purchase. But do remember to keep the Lookbooks up-to-date to get repeat purchases.

Prepare for the Holiday Season

Considering that Google takes time to index pages, getting a special section designed of products for the holiday season immediately would be a smart idea. Go for an eCommerce development service provider who can design a page as per the existing layout of your store quickly and ensure 100% up-time.

Blog Integration

Get a blog integrated in your store to boost the user-interactivity of your store. Through the blog, you can inform the visitors about the latest trends, new products launched, gift ideas, and other such relevant concepts.