Learn What’s New in WordPress v4.0

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Learn What’s New in WordPress v4.0!

Learn What’s New in WordPress v4.0!

The beta version of WordPress 4.0 is here. Let us have a look at the key features that WordPress 4.0 Development will bring for you.

Easy Installation of Languages

WordPress 4.0 will make it easy for users to choose a language for their site. It is the first step of the installation process and the rest of the installation will continue in the chosen language. Users can choose to change/switch the language from the admin area by going to Settings > General and then select a language from the “Site Language” dropdown menu.

Grid View

Users will be able to have a grid view of their media library with WP 4.0. The modern interface of WP 4.0 will speed up the process of media file management, open up a media file in a modal popup, and will also allow to edit the file in the popup itself.

Improvements in Post Editor

The Post Editor in v4.0 resizes itself according to the browser and features a fixed menu bar, providing much better writing experience than the previous versions. The Post Editor will also display embeds and allow users to see the actual embed when they copy paste a URL from YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Theme Customizer with Better Widget Integration

The community of WP developers have addressed the issue of widgets getting loaded into the main customizer with all the other elements. The widgets are now grouped together under a separate widgets area and makes customization of themes much better.

Back-end Upgrades

The back-end will also see some major upgrades with WordPress v4.0. Any changes made to actions or filter hooks will get documented, in case any errors are made. The changes in the API will allow WordPress 4.0 users to add their own panels within the ‘Customizer’ feature.

WordPress 4.0 will be compatible with PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6. If you want to test the beta version of WP 4.0, we‘re here to help. Our developers will use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin to help you take the right decision.