Isola and Adaption– Two New Free Themes Launched by WordPress

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Two New Responsive WordPress Themes - Adaption and Isola have been Launched!

Two New Responsive WordPress Themes – Isola and Adaption have been Launched!

WordPress has launched two new responsive and free themes for Blogs– Isola and Adaption. Read what these new themes have to offer.


Designed by Automattic, inspired by the “Less is More” philosophy, and influenced by mobile design patterns, Isola offers a fresh and clean slate to exhibit writing, videos, or photographs. This free theme’s primary menu is hidden behind a handy button which gives enough space to the content to flow and adjust itself to the screen of a device on which it is being viewed on.

Users can configure the menu of the Isola theme as per their preferences. The theme also supports different blog posting formats like Aside, Video, Images, Quote, Link, and Gallery, with unique styles for each type of format. Users can also personalize the header and the background of the theme quite easily. The main column width of this theme is 650 pixels while the sidebar area is 30% of the total screen width.


Adaption is a free theme, designed by ‘yours truly’. The theme has a strong structure and enables the users to share full-width images. With high flexibility, adaptability, and minimal designs, this theme offers great reading experience across devices. It is easily configurable too and also allows addition of widgets for boosted functionality.

Like Isola, Adaption also supports a wide range of blog posting formats. The theme justifies its name and adjusts its layout as per the screen size of different devices. On smaller screens, the menus and widgets hide behind a sliding panel that can be toggled open by clicking on the gear icon. Readers can retain their quick access to navigation and additional content without compromising with the focus on a blog post.

Although Adaption is displayed in the default red color and has four palette of the same color, users can customize the color scheme with the ‘custom design’ upgrade. Other notable features of the theme include the capability of setting up of custom menu, custom background pattern, custom header, and a Social Links menu allowing addition of social networking profile links. The theme with its main column width of 680 pixels, also has an optional third column which appears on addition of widgets to the second sidebar.