How To Convert Holiday Shoppers Into Regular Shoppers? Take A Look!

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For seasoned merchants and salesmen, holiday season can be highly lucrative, if they play their cards right. Some might say that regular customers need more attention than the holiday customers. But that is partially true. Statistically, Holiday shoppers comprise 24% of annual revenue in retail categories like electronics and apparel.

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Zend’s Apigility, an Open Source API Builder for Developing Quality APIs

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Zend has eased the process of API Development with the launch of Agility!

Zend has eased the process of API Development with the launch of Apigility!

Zend has launched an agile, cross-platform, and open source API builder, Apigility, to simplify the process of developing and maintaining well-structured Application Programming Interfaces or APIs that can be used for sharing functionality and data across various applications. This API builder joins Zend’s renowned Mobile and Web Application Development tools, Zend Studio and the Zend Framework. It eliminates the challenges which were previously faced while designing APIs and also simplifies support for advanced API traits like:

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Think Beyond Desktops. Think Responsive!

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Responsive Web Design and Development

Responsive Web Design- A Revolutionary Shift in the Industry!

From Smartphones to Tablets, users are visiting your website on a wide range of hand-held devices. Is your website ready? Here, we explore how Responsive Web Design (RWD) technique gives your customers the solution that is best suited to their needs and their technology choices.

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